About Us

Who are We

With more than a decade in the market, Contexto Legal has been consolidating, and projecting itself as an extensive and interdisciplinary team of lawyers with high standards of training and experience. Our team is led by partners who are recognized by the market as leaders practitioners and truly experts on their professional fields.

What we do

Contexto Legal is a law firm devoted to those who, participating in different markets and economic sectors, operate under highly regulated frames, requiring permanent information and advice about legal matters in order to manage the risks the face a to catch up all the opportunities offered by its legal environment.

How we do it

Contexto Legal understands the business language as to approaches its tasks from the perspective offered by the economic, operational and business-related reality of its clients.

Thus, the Firm seeks to contribute to the generation of value from the management of operational risks that, in legal matters, its clients face. Besides, the Firm seeks to offer information and legal advice, within the framework of a compliance culture, to build relationships of respect and trust while implementing practical, innovative and possible solutions that always bear in mind cost – benefit analysis.

In this way, the Firm privileges the interests and needs of its clients, addressing the identification, structuring, implementation and legal management of their initiatives, relationships, operations, projects and transactions.

Why Medellín?

Having a national scope, Contexto Legal maintains its main center of operations in Medellín, a city in Colombia recognized for the strength of its business fabric in multiple economic sectors.

Additionally, Medellín offers a stable innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem, with high consolidation and public and private interconnection, which allows the constant generation of business models and enterprises at different levels of corporate maturity, which demand legal support for their development.

Finally, Medellín has been recognized as a relevant destination for doing business and as a model in terms of urban management and citizenship with high social skills. In addition, due to its high level of multimodal interconnection with other relevant urban centers of the country and the world, it is the perfect epicenter for our main operations center.