Market regulation

The prevalence of the market as a scenario and instrument for the allocation of goods and services has made the relationships between the different economic actors focus on the way they concur and manage their interests in this scenario. Public policies to promote competition as a mechanism for generating efficiency and benefit for consumers generate great reputational and patrimonial impacts on agents who are censored in their actions. In the same way, the empowerment of the consumer demands strategic and tactical approaches in their dealings and relationships in which our team is an expert.


  • Accompaniment in business integration products.
  • Accompaniment and presentation in sanctioning administrative processes.
  • Advice on matters related to unfair competition legislation.
  • Design and implementation of customer service systems.
  • Advice on the management of petitions and claims schemes.
  • Advice on the structuring and management of guarantees.
  • Accompaniment and representation in jurisdictional processes.