Currently, there is consensus among economic agents in that the development of business activities takes place in a legal context increasingly demanding and thorough. The need to fight against global phenomena of corruption, asset laundering, financing of terrorism and the increase of the value of reputation in environmental matters and social relations of businessmen with the community in which they act and influence, has led to the permanent verification of regulatory compliance becomes an increasingly appreciated risk management tool.

Thus, the generation of adequate and sufficient systems, policies, methodologies and procedures that guarantee that a company, including its managers, employees and interest groups, comply with the applicable regulatory framework is a requirement of contemporary markets. Our lawyers, with the proper approach offered by their practice, are able to articulate transversal systems of compliance, simple and efficient, to ensure the identification, monitoring and management of relevant situations and risk.


  • Advice on the implementation of risk management systems.
  • Counseling in compliance with ML / TF risk regulations.
  • Advice on the implementation of compliance schemes of rules against bribery and transnational corruption.
  • Advice in situations of reputational crisis and materialization of operational risks.