Participation in capital markets, either from the selling or the buying side, or the development of intermediation and interest-gathering activities, requires a high knowledge component in legal, regulatory, contractual and corporate matters, in such a way that each action, transaction or controversy is structured, executed and managed within the framework of an appropriate risk management.

Our practice incorporates a professional team with transversal competences, which offers information and advice that integrate the different legal aspects of the relevant issues for those who attend the said market. Likewise, the experience of those who lead the team, and their prestige in the local and regional legal services market, allow us to incorporate proven practical solutions into our services that increase the assertiveness of our board.


  • Regulatory affairs management.
  • Management of supervision and self-regulation matters.
  • Self-regulation issues of agents, infrastructure and operations.
  • Structuring of products and services of the banking market.
  • Structuring and placement of products in the stock market, including debt, equity, currencies, risks, asset mobilization and project financing.
  • Structuring and legal management of collective investment schemes.