We act as allies and permanent advisors in daily and strategic matters, focused on the management and mitigation of risks and the optimization on the management of human resources, allowing our clients an efficient balance between compliance with obligations and the exercise of their rights. and those of its workers.


  • Interpretation and application of individual and collective labor standards, national and international, Conventions and Recommendations of the International Labor Organization, National Constitution, Substantive Labor Code, Internal Work Rules and Institutional Guidelines. • Advice on the preparation or revision of the instruments that govern labor contracting in accordance with current legislation.
  • Analysis and evaluation of the systems of remuneration, liquidation and payment of salaries and social benefits and their adaptation to the current regulations.
  • Interpretation and application of the rules on integral social security. • Advice on administrative procedures before the different social security and labor order entities, such as the Ministry of Labor, the UGPP, the Pension Administrators, the Occupational Risk Managers, the Pension and Severance Funds, the Health Promoting Companies, the Healthcare Provider Institutions, the National Learning Services, the Colombian Family Welfare Institute, and the Family Compensation Funds.
  • Permanent accompaniment in disciplinary proceedings, arrangements for the individual or collective termination of work contracts, and in general matters that affect the work climate and the responsibility of the Company with respect to its workers, and the labor authorities.
  • Judicial representation in ordinary and special proceedings before the labor jurisdiction.
  • Advice on labor mobility and expatriation.
  • Accompaniment in collective bargaining from its planning and strategic preparation.