Our strength in the structuring and implementation of value exchanges allows us to devise novel solutions for the acquisition of land and land for the development of urban and rural real estate projects, in different segments and with products. In the same way, our multidisciplinary approach and our contacts with actors in the real estate business ecosystem, assures us constant information flows on urban regulation and land planning, financing schemes, operating modalities, interests of the market players and innovations in all segments of the industry value chain, including builders, designers, institutional investors, property operators, suppliers, financiers and consumers.


  • Advice on the structuring and financing of real estate projects;
  • Advising on acquisition and liquidation transactions of urban and rural real estate assets.
  • Advice on the structuring, approval and implementation of urban actions and actions.
  • Conduction of due diligence processes to real estate and real estate projects.
  • Implementation of schemes for the commercialization of real estate assets.
  • Advice in the conception and implementation of territorial planning instruments.
  • Advice on the implementation of guarantee schemes with underlying real estate.
  • Regulatory advice for the construction industry.